Unraveling sight at a cellular scale

Brian P. Schmidt, PhD


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Schmidt, Boehm, Foote, Roorda (2018)

Raw data and published analyses can be freely accessed at Github.

Sabesan, Schmidt, Tuten, Roorda (2016) and Schmidt, Sabesan, Tuten, Neitz, Roorda (2018).

Schmidt, Touch, Neitz, Neitz (2016) J Vision as collected in the appendix. Data are reprinted here for convenience.

Monochromatic unique hue settings for 14 volunteers with known L:M cone ratios, measured macular pigment optical density and iris lightness.


1. L cone sensitivities were based on the sequence of each subjects L pigment.

2. Amino acids reported: exon 2—65, 111, 116; exon 3—153, 171, 174, 180; and exon 4—230, 233, 236.

3. For females with two L sequences, the peak sensitivity of both pigments was averaged to compute the reported peak L cone sensitivity.

4. All subjects had M cone peak values of 530 nm. All subjects identified as Caucasian except subjects U12 and U13, who were of Asian ethnicity.

Data were published in the appendix of Schmidt, Touch, Neitz, Neitz (2016). “Circuitry to explain how the relative number of L and M cones shapes color experience.” They published here for easier access.